NiuBridge Advantage

Comprehensive Service Offer

Manufacture and supply bridge components:

  • Deck/girder modules
  • Pedestrian Bridges
  • NiuKerb kerbing options
  • Bearing pads
  • Guard rail options
  • Option of a pre-applied bituminous deck wearing surface on modules
  • Installed cost base a fraction of equivalent steel or concrete
  • Light weight – minimal crane size required
  • Significantly reduced installation time
  • Compliant to either Austroads T44 or AS5100 SM1600 loading
  • Flexible design options and custom design service
  • Reliable engineering properties
  • Sustainable plantation resource (PEFC Chain of Custody)
  • Alkaline Copper Quaternary (ACQ) H4 “Veneer Treatment” preservation

Veneer treatment delivers proven performance and longevity

  • Each 3mm Layer completely preservative treated and then dried to  <6% prior to fabrication
  • No need for remedial treatments on any cut or drilled surfaces due to the complete penetration
  • Eliminates shrinkage and resultant bolt tightening
  • 50-year treatment warranty on the basis of this complete penetration

Rigorous Testing and ongoing in-mill process quality control to Ensure Performance

  • Product designed with sophisticated engineering modelling
  • System testing and certification by University of Technology Sydney which included full scale destructive testing
  • Correlation of actual performance with Grillage model to within 5%
  • Manufacturing member of EWPAA which operate a rigorous ISO 17065 type-5 certification program under the control of the peak accreditation body JAS-ANZ

Why Timber?

Timber has low embodied energy and is a greenhouse positive product that contributes to the long term reduction of carbon emissions, thus positively addressing climate change.

Substituting a cubic metre of wood for other construction materials like concrete,  blocks or bricks, results in approximately 1 tonne of CO2 savings.

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