Preservative Treatment

Veneer treatment delivers proven performance and longevity.

NiuBridge and NiuDeck utilise the veneer preservation treatment method to ensure complete protection from termites and fungal decay (rotting). Veneer treatment is the only way to ensure complete penetration and any unsealed cut panels will not decay.

Veneer treatment method is where the individual sheets of veneer are preservative treated with Alkaline Copper Quaternary (ACQ) to Hazard class H4 (in ground protection) before being fabricated into plywood to ensure 100% penetration. The treated veneers are then bonded with a permanent phenolic resin which is often referred to as “A” bond or Marine “A” or Structural bond.

Structural “A” bonds require rigorous testing after submersion in boiling water for 72 hours or 6 hours under high pressure steam to ensure a high-quality bond.

This veneer treatment underpins the 50 Year Treatment Warranty.  

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