NiuBridge Overview

The NiuBridge System is a comprehensive Engineered Wood Product bridge building system, providing a cost-effective solution for new bridge construction as well as refurbishment of existing structures. The system exploits the structural advantages of a sustainable high strength plantation resource manufactured under the controls of a Type 5 ISO 17065 JAS-ANZ product certification scheme.

The NiuBridge system comprises:

  • NiuDeck: Heavy Duty Plywood Decking System
  • HPF Modular System: Lightweight high performing modular system for single spans up to 15m for either SM1600 or T44 loading
  • SHPF Modular System: Readily transportable high performing system for longer spans up to 30m for up to T44 loading
  • NiuKerb: Prefinished Plywood Kerbing system
  • ECO Modular System: Cost effective single and dual lane modular system ideally suited to temporary installations with single spans up to 10m

The NiuBridge modular bridge system is a light weight system for spans up to 30m.  NiuBridge is suitable for installation on a variety of existing substructures including timber, heritage masonry, steel and concrete. NiuBridge is also ideally suited for installation on precast spread footing abutment systems, as well as the conventional piles and abutments.

Whether installed onto existing or new substructures, NiuBridge is the ideal cost-effective solution with fast and simple installation, providing a flexible modular system that can incorporate site specific requirements, without compromising the systems integrity.

NiuBridge exploits the advantages of natural timber, which is not subject to fatigue failure, unlike other materials. Fully protected from decay and termites, NiuBridge has a design life of 50+ years and a treatment warranty of 50 years.

  • Light weight; minimal crane size required
  • Alkaline Copper Quaternary (ACQ) H4 “Veneer Treatment” preservation
  • 50-year treatment warranty
  • Significantly reduced installation time and cost
  • Allows cantilevering to widen bridges and accommodate guard rail and footbridges
  • Option of a pre-applied bituminous deck wearing surface on modules
  • Fire-resistance coating option available
  • Compliant to Austroads T44 or AS5100 SM1600 loading
  • Flexible design options and custom design service
  • Sustainable plantation resource (PEFC Chain of Custody)
  • Low embodied energy and manufactured using PNGFP Hydro Power

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