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NiuBridge Construction Manual

The NiuBridge System is a comprehensive Engineered Wood Product bridge building system, providing a cost-effective solution for new bridge construction as well as refurbishment of existing structures.

The system exploits the structural advantages of a sustainable plantation resource manufactured under the controls of a Type 5 ISO 17065 JAS-ANZ product certification scheme.

The NiuBridge system comprises:

  • NiuDeck: Heavy Duty Plywood Decking System
  • HPF Modular System: Lightweight high performing modular system for single spans up to 15m
  • SHPF Modular System: Readily transportable high performing system for longer spans up to 24m
  • NiuKerb: Prefinished Plywood Kerbing system
  • ECO Modular System: Cost effective single and dual lane modular system ideally suited to temporary installations with single spans up to 10m.

PNG Forest Products – Sustainability & Accreditation

TIMBER – The Ultimate Renewable

Timber is renewable, recyclable, waste efficient, biodegradable, non-toxic and it locks carbon away. With a lower net environmental impact than most other building materials, timber is a greenhouse positive product that contributes to the long term reduction of carbon emissions, thus positively addressing climate change.

Although some COis released during the sawing and milling of timber, the net effect is that 8.3kg of CO2is absorbed during both the growth and production of timber. Substituting a cubic metre of wood for other construction materials like concrete, blocks or bricks, results in 1 tonne of COsavings.

Furthermore, the process of manufacturing timber uses far less fossil fuel energy per unit volume than steel, concrete, or aluminium timber; so timber has a very low carbon footprint compared to most other building materials. PNGFP’s hydro-powered manufacturing facilities mean that our products have an almost zero carbon footprint. PNGFP Hydro is a major Independent Power Producer operating three hydro power stations with a fourth under development.